Managed Services

Owning a domain name is one of the first steps of putting together an online presence.

Root802 is a fully-functioning web registrar that can register and renew your domain each year, to take one more thing off your plate. Just let us set it, so you can forget it.

There are few things less impressive than a business that displays Gmail addresses for its official email contacts.

If you need email addresses at your own domain, let Root802 be your email service provider. You can access your email using your favorite desktop or mobile email app. Or log in with a web browser.

Root802 offers more than just hosting. Our managed services package offers you piece-of-mind that your mission-critical website has the tools to succeed.

Root802 hosts websites we develop in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Controlling the web server gives us the power to create, maintain and monitor your website in ways  unparalleled by other web shops that might not be involved in hosting.