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Website Design / Graphic Design

Website Design / User Experience (UX)

Website design goes way beyond visual appeal to include how users interact with your site. The web development process often starts with static designs, but at Root802, we bring those designs to life. And it doesn't necessarily need to be complex to be effective. Engaging your website visitors is the goal — by any means necessary.

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Graphic Design / Visual Identity / Logo Design

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Photos can bring a lot of visual impact to a website. The right photo can tell a story or capture the essence of your message. But graphics play a large role in branding your site.

The most important graphic for any company is, of course, its logo. Logos are primary to any company's brand, and are well worth serious thought, attention and budget.

All design elements are important to making your company's brand whole. Whether you're starting your business from scratch or building upon your existing brand, Root802 has experienced designers to take your company website to the next level.