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No one wants to be hacked but you see it in the headlines all the time. While you may only hear of larger corporations getting hacked, it happens to businesses large and small. Keeping your business secure can be a huge task in today's digital world, but you can take some relatively simple steps to start protecting your business. 
When we meet with clients to talk about new website projects or redesigning existing sites, one of the first points we ponder is "WordPress? Or not WordPress?"
Surveys tell us most people hate them. I'm talking about website pop-ups -- those small windows, also known as "modals," that appear without warning while dimming the rest of the screen and might ask for our email address, tell us the deal of the day, or make any other variety of pitch or request us to take an action.
Root802 welcomes VITL as a second time client. We previously boasted about working with VITL on the Vermont Health Exchange ( ) website. They were so happy with us, they decided to move as well. 
Yesterday we made-live a new website for the SAFEST Choice Learning Collaborative, an initiative of Boston Medical Center (BMC) and Proof Alliance.
MFA and 2FA are a couple three-letter acronyms that pop up with increasing frequency when the topic turns to Internet security. Standing for “multi-factor authentication” and the more-specific “two-factor authentication,” they’re important concepts to understand and embrace if you want to protect yourself online.
Root802 has taken the reins of Boston Medical Center's (BMC) Grayken Center for Addiction Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) website.
Vermont journalist Chris Graff has joined the Root802 portfolio. Chris is known throughout Vermont and beyond for his work with the Associated Press, Vermont Public Television and many other media outlets. Welcome, Chris!
We're pleased to announce Root802 has ushered into our portfolio Canopy Northwest Arkansas's (CNWA) client services intranet, which our principals helped launch several years ago. CNWA's mission is to create a community where refugees are welcomed and equipped with all they need to build new lives.